The Ba-Carter Atlantis Ring ( Our more beautiful realization )

Our aim in recreating this Ring was not to replicate the Atlantis Ring exactly as it was originally.
In fact, nor us nor anybody else know how it really was!
There is already to many fake-clairvoyant thinking they have the perfect answer.
Some of them pretending that, originally the ring was like this and others says like that!
Or, some others even pretending they were pyramid on it or rectangles and.... And what else…..?
What is important is not to know how the Ring exactly was originally but that,
in it’s current shape, that Ring is very efficient.

It’s in is actual shape that it protect Howard Carter from the Tout Ankh Amon curse.

Our concern was to reproduce the Ring, with the most possible faithfulness. As it was in 1860 ‘ at the time it was uncovered

Please, watch and compare yourself the 2 rings.

-On SIDE A you can see that the triangle’s line goes beyond the sharp end.
-The half cylinder in the middle is rising slightly comparatively to the two other ones.
-On SIDE B small rectangles have a shape calling to mind worn pyramids.

Many others details can be seen too.

Photography taken from: "Ces maisons qui tuent" Robert Laffont Edition
    Original ring (discovered in 1860)

"Howard Carter" Ring was done by:
Collier Universel + inc.

The Atlantis ring and its History:


The Atlantis ring is a band onto which a series of geometrical shapes were engraved. They are as follows: 2 triangles, 6 small and 3 larger rectangles, which have a semi-cylindrical form. At the extremities of the triangles, the ring is perforated and a grove on the inside of the band links both holes. Other precisions are: The center semi-cylindrical rectangle is slightly higher than the other two; the line forming the right hand side of each triangle extends beyond the triangle and at the center a faint point can be noticed. The original ring was made of clay.

The Original "Atlantis Ring" was discovered in 1860, in the Valley of the Kings by the Marquis d’Agrain (Egyptologist).
A reproduction of this Archaeological piece(old of several thousand years) was transmitted to Howard Carter who kept it until his death in 1939.
However it was in 1922 that the ring’s popularity was born.
He and Lord Carnarvon had been actively participating in excavations for more than 7 years. On November 25th of that year, they faced a sealed tomb door bearing the following inscription: “The wings of death will touch whom ever violates the pharaoh’s eternal rest” They ignored this warning and the two men entered the chamber of Tut Ankh Amon's tomb, son of the sun god and lord of both worlds.
They made one of modern history’s greatest archaeological finds; the walls were covered fabulous frescoes, they discovered a one ton solid gold casket, the royal throne was also gold covered, they also unearthed multiple sculptures and fine jewellery as well as the pharaohs personal belonging all of which had unimaginable value.

Soon after, Lord Carnarvon began to have hallucinations, his condition worsened rapidly and he eventually died, screaming Tut Ankh Amon's name. His nurse passed away a very short time after.
Carte’s secretary, present at the opening of the sarcophagus, followed; he died of an unknown aliment.
Immediately after having seen the mummy, colonel Aubey Herbert, died.
White Evelyne, one of the first to enter the tomb, hung himself.
Archibald Douglas, who x-rayed the mummy… Died.
Arthur Mace, who drilled the wall, Lafleur, one of Carter’s friends, Otto Neubert, who investigated these tragedies…  All died.
Lady Carnarvon, G. Davis, D. Derry, Professors Winlock, Breadstead, Hackness, Gardiner, Woolf…  deceased. In all 17 or 18 (depending on whose version) Succumbed in the days or months following the discovery.

The curse persists!

It seems that other deaths are to be added to the list. Several people are reported to have died after having either, manipulated, lent out for exposition purposes or used objects from the Tut Ankh Amon collection.
The sole survivor to the curse is without doubt the guiltiest.
Howard Carter led the digs from start to finish, made a complete inventory, moved the treasure, and was the first to enter the tomb and to see the mummy. Since everyone related to the finds was dead, it is he that was responsible and obtained all the glory pertinent to the discovery. He died 17 years later at the age of 66.
During the 17 years in question, when he was asked how he survived the curse, he would answer: “ I have a talisman, that protects me” but he would say no more on his good luck charm.
It was only in 1940, after his death, while examining his personal documents, that a mention of the talisman was noted…
It was the

“Atlantis Ring”