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What are the Differences between
Model of Atlantis Rings?

On the Majority of the Websites, you will be offered Atlante Rings of First Generation (See explanation further)

Those Rings are a reproduction of de Atlantis ring: “Le Phoenix”

" Le Phoenix " (Belgian company) were the first to put on the market copies of the Atlante ring. “Le Phoenix” that immediately was almost imitated per much other.

To understand the difference which exists between the various Atlantis rings there is necessary to know
that during more than 50 years the original ring was inaccessible,

its owner refusing to let photographs be caught or to even show the known as ring.

To such a degree that many believed that the Atlantis ring was a legend.

Rings of First Generation:

Those which decided to reproduce the Atlantis ring (It IS the CASE OF the COMPANY “Le Phoenix”)
Last to be useful itself of the sketches which were carried out with its discovery in 1860.

As these sketches were vague the rings which were then produced it were all as much.
The majority of the Atlantis rings still on the market are of this vintage.

They are made out of sterling silver (.925) or sometimes out of Gold.


First Generation of Rings :

 See on our site the Ba-548 which is a reproduction of this time
Ba-548H Ba-548-H


(The Narrow Model )

Second Generation of Rings:

See the Ba-550-H is the prototype of this generation.
Were without against known as the first models to
approach the original ring when to its characteristics.


The Howard Carter Atlantis Ring
It is not which the end of the Eighties has that we could finally lay out of photographs
and exact measurement of the original ring.

 And it is from this material and of experiments undertaken by
the "Compilation Crystal and Research center" on metals.

  That the Atlantis ring Ba-Carter was creted out

After several attempts, the finally accepted prototype was made by a Quebec sculptor.
It is made of pure Silver (999FS)

The first ring of this rising was carried out in 1995 and since several improvements were brought making the ring even in conformity with original

It is to date the most exact copy of original which is the current property (2017) of the son of Andre de Béliza

For more information:

Ba-ORG The Original ring old of a several thousand years and 
  No mould was never made of this ring. 

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